Wreck at Zakynthos







Shipwreck on Zakynthos/Zante.

Motor Vessel Panagiotis, Built as Motor Vessel Saint Bedan For J.A. Gardener @ Bowling on the River Clyde, SCOTLAND) By Scott & Sons as the Recorded Build by them No 341.

A vessel much larger than a Standard 'Para Handy' form of Clyde Puffer.

During WW2 it supplied coal to Naval Vessels, Power stations, in and out of the Clyde as well as carried all forms of munitions & Supplies to vessels  Islands as well.

MV Saint Bedan Survived those World War 2 Years.

Currently laying With Fractured Hull form on  NAVAGIO (which means SHIPWRECK)      Beach.

Launched14tth January 1937.  Gross Reg. Tonnage 452(3)

Fitted with a 500 HP Polar engine supplied by British Auxilliaries.

LENGTH: 163 Feet Breadth/Beam 26 feet & Draft fractionally over 11 feet.

1964:  Vessel became sold to Thessalonikan Greece Owners M. Gigilinis & S. Kakassinas when vessel was renamed MV MEROPI.

1974 Sold to a Thessalonika  firm ‘NICOS’ N.S. KALFAS & renamed MV CHARIS.

1975 Sold to P. Lisikatos (PIRAEUS!) Soulanis plus other Shareholders believed involved.

1977 Sold to Trivelas & Co. & Named MV PANAGIOTIS. (NB there is an Archeological Discovery of a Silver Armband and Gold  pin in a Bird image form Located by  Panagiotis Theofanous, :- not known if there is connection).

1980 on Oct 1st on a recorded Stormy weather day, the vessel was reportedly voyaging from Turkey to Italy?, (Tobacco sources in Thessaloniki may have thought it best not mentioned??) vessel allegedly became abandoned after it ran aground in the shallow water near where it now stands, on Zakynthos, & was abandoned, nevertheless no life loss is recorded.

No listed Crew List is currently listed or a list of those plus method used in any part of rescue, plus any recovery of cargo, or Insured cover is another factor without manifest details.

Strangely actual loss account is not more comprehensive!.

Romantic Tales circulate that Cigarette Contraband was being carried, Mafia involvement also has mention with vessel activity suspected by an Alleged Greek Navy pursuant vessel.

Lack of recorded cargo Manifest, Lloyds List of Loss data, plus ID of Master plus crew list, departure Port along with destination Port, plus its somewhat convenient position on the beach brings a cloud over actual ‘Wrecking.’
What a great place to visit though?. Mystique galore and a perfectly delightful location, full marks to all, I love it..

Vessel remains an attractive Location, centrally positioned! on beautifully white sands for Tourists to be delivered to admire in awe, by numerous passenger carrying craft.

Well done Zakynthos, Maritime Law is a little more involved though..

However the Information, was not actually ever recorded in Lloyds of London where the Lutine Bell would have been sounded for the actual loss of a Vessel and Cargo.  Hence, the Losing was never CONFIRMED OFFICIALLY or Legally &  suggests the vessel & cargo could possibly NOT have been due to a true Maritime loss.

(Or even a Boarding by Johnny Depp with his Pirates along with some violently inebriate Tourists from Laganas!.)

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