Velocette Valiant Horns & Rubber Grommets of a type Hard to locate, you MUST ADD POSTAGE COSTS TO YOURSELF, ITEMS ARE AT UK.

Clearhooters 140 for Velocette Valiant Ambassador Cotton & Norton, £115.00




The unique Clearhooters HF 140 horns LIMITED AMOUNT as seen & when gone these are all GONE!.

N.B. BRITISH 2 Strokes Club may know far more tinware Bodies which used this type, Francis Barnett Ambassador Cotton Norman B3 Sports & 250 TS also RCA DKW James Dayton Scooter Plus Panther 250 and 350  with tinware panels as well as the Sun Overlander plus Sun Wasp Scooter DID.   'this is the one for such machines, it is not the common Clearhooters made bracket horn.

This one comes with the Brand New Old Stock Grommet which I do have a small stock of and is used on the other machines with tinware mentioned.)


 Clearhooters HF140 Of a UNIQUE ORIGINAL Only type to Fit VELOCETTE VALIANT Tinware, (I am unsure of Viceroy or Vogue Types) RARE TO LOCATE IN THIS RESTORED plus reclaimed & internally anti-rust coated INSIDE & OUT condition, to MAKERS Specification.


These are different to bracketed Horn Bodies pressings for the Velocette Twins, and these Velo Little twins &  Cotton plus other Villiers 2 Stroke powered machinery using Rubber Grommet fitting for Hooters into Tinware panels.

THESE ARE NOT not the Bracket fitting types used on Villiers Machinery 49 to 60.  This is antirust coated inside, uses Shortened stainless Bezel pins.

A Very Scarce Original, well sounding item.

Lucas Altettes etc are hugely more common than this type.

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