Lucas Altette Originals CLAXONS TOETERS HORNS HUPEN Information in this site with Bulb Horns too

RUBBER GROMMETS to hold Clearhooters 140 & 150 Horns in Tinware, ORIGINAL ONES as well! for DMW & Other British 2 Stoves Plus Velocette 2 Cylinder Machines, some Cotton, Francis Barnett James Greeves at £3.50 each whilst they last. PLUS SOME TRUMPETS AGAIN WHILST THEY LAST POSTAGE WILL VAY ON THEIR DESTINATIONS

Image: Brass Trumpets

Image: BULBS in 3 sizes plus Clearhooters Rubber surrounds



The 2 different fronts Lucas Altette HF 1234 types used on Rigid & Plunger BSA. lower the Swinging Arm BSA is shown on a Goldie whilst it was used on all A & B BSA Series with Swinging Arm suspension up to 1958, both use the same LUCAS 700168 bracket, different position as u can see.

Below you can see points with good Tungsten Disc in place being reinsulated here, a lot more filing & cutting is required.

Fuurther down is Coil change. 



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